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  • The 1st EACDCPPE, Alabama, USA (August 3-8, 1997).

Theme: “Promoting Clinical Pharmacy in Asia”.

  • The 2nd EACDCPPE, Shanghai, China (July 31-August 3, 1999).

Theme: “Sharing of Experiences of Clinical Pharmacy Practice in Asia”.

  • Interim Conference, Seoul, South Korea (October 27-30, 2000).

It was held as an interim conference to the 3rd conference in Japan.

  • The 3rd EACDCPPE, Nagoya, Japan (July 28-31, 2001).

Theme: “Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Education in Asia”.

  • The 4th ACCP, Seoul, South Korea (July 24-26, 2003).

Theme: “Developing Clinical Pharmacy Programs in the Hospital and Community Pharmacies in Asia”.

  • The 5th ACCP, Penang, Malaysia (July 23-26, 2005).

Theme: “The Future of Asian Clinical Pharmacy: Capitalizing on Diversity”.

  • The 6th ACCP, Bangkok, Thailand (July 6-9, 2006).

Theme: “Globalization of Clinical Pharmacy: East and West Collaboration”.

  • The 7th ACCP, Shanghai, China (July 6-9, 2007).

Theme: “Education, Development and Challenge: for the Future Success”.

  • The 8th ACCP, Surabaya, Indonesia (July 1-4, 2008).

Theme: “Toward Harmonization of Education and Practice of Asian Clinical Pharmacy”.

  • The 9th ACCP, Seoul, South Korea (September 26-28, 2009).

Theme: “For Dynamic Acting, For Dynamic Pharmacy Service, For Asian Patients”.

  • The 10th ACCP, Singapore (July 9-12, 2010).

Theme: “Pharmacy Forging Ahead: Achieving Better Healthcare Outcomes”.

  • The 11th ACCP, Pasay, Philippines (June 24-27, 2011).

Theme: “Broadening the Impact of Clinical Pharmacy through Innovations and Dynamic Partnership”.

  • The 12th ACCP, Hong Kong, China (July 7-9, 2012).

Theme: “Citius, Altius, Fortius: Appraising Clinical Excellence, Nurturing Eminent Practice”.

  • The 13th ACCP, Haiphong, Vietnam (September 13-15, 2013).

Theme: “The Clinical Pharmacist and Patient Care: Opportunities and Challenges”.

  • The 14th ACCP, Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia (October 31-November 3, 2014).

Theme: “Improving Patient’s and Medication Safety: The Blooming Opportunity For Pharmacists Through Innovative Services and Research”.

  • The 15th ACCP, Bangkok, Thailand (June 24-26, 2015).

Theme: “Advancing Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Education toward Patient-    Centered Care”.

  • The 16th ACCP, Seoul, South Korea (July 14-18, 2016).

Theme: One Asia through Clinical Pharmacy”.

  • The 17th ACCP, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (July 28-30, 2017).

Theme: “Unity in Diversity and the Standardization of Clinical Pharmacy Services".